We craft magic

Spooklight is a studio based in Geneva, Switzerland. We work with industry leaders to design and develop magical experiences where pixels have left the two-dimensional space to fill and blend into the user’s environment. By mixing art and technology in a way that others cannot, we are here to crack the codes of the new paradigm of spatial computing content.

Say it with Kouji!
Your cute avatar in augmented reality

Do you want to clone yourself? Or be someone else? Or you simply want to have blue skin and red eyes? Or maybe look like a fatty stormtrooper?

Kouji is what you need, Kouji is what the whole world needs!

You can be playful, mischievous, impish, cute, sweety or funny. You can tease your friends, your lover, your family and even your boss!

Explore the millions of millions of possibilities - actually 435 Decillions combinations - customize your avatars and save them in your favorites. Choose an animation, record your video and share it through social media !

And if someone asks, just say: "it's not me, it's my Kouji ;)"

Create 3D animated movies and bring magic to the real world

Do you want to become the new Cecil B Demile, the new Joseph Mankiewicz or perhaps you are more Walking Dead style?

Choose a thematic package and cast your 3D actors: zombies, pirates, knights or why not pharaohs.

Add decors in augmented reality and transform your room into a Hollywood movie studio, give directions to your actors and shoot your first blockbuster within minutes.

Lead your actors, make them move, run, cry and record your movie. You're at it to compete to the Oscars

Cast your actors, zombies, pirates... Become a movie director and make the next super production!

Team of technical Wizards and creative Unicorns

Open-minded alchemists, Geek Philosophers...
They push the boundaries and combine art and technology to craft magic.

Do you want to become a magician too? Send us a nice e-spell!